Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Painting For A Life Well Lived

This is probably the best personally I have ever done.  So much love and so much effort went into this piece. I can truly say on this one I put everything I had to give into each brush stroke.

I decided to paint this picture of my grandfather and give it to him for his 90th birthday.  When I gave it to him, he was so proud.  I didn't do it for him to be proud of me.  I did it because I loved him and show him my love through my brush. But, to see his reaction I wouldn't exchange for all the money in the world. He loved my painting. However, I knew he loved me more. That day would be the last day I would see my grandpa this side of heaven.  He died a few short days later. But God in His loving mercy gave me a gift in return, a forever image of my grandfather permanently etched in my mind of that beautiful day.

Until we see each other again Grandpa!!!

Art and Jesus

I had this wonderful opportunity to be the speaker at the Ohio Girls Ministry retreat this past summer.  It was such a great time.  I decided to incorporate my art in my sessions.  That was such a fun challenge. I loved every minute of it.  The girls seemed to really enjoy it as well and responded to the message in ways that only God can draw people to do.   It was an amazing, stretching experience.

This painting I had covered with multiple layers of color material.  I walked through the story of grace with girls.  Each color represented how we come to know Jesus and what He can do in our lives. After I removed the last color it revealed the beautiful painting underneath.  We are all God's works of art. He has beautiful plans for us when we give our hearts to Him and allow His Holy Spirit to work in and through us. 

The next night's painting was this friendship piece. We talked about how we need to share Jesus with others.  But we can't allow our selfishness, jealousy or pride damage our testimony.  I took black paint and began to mark up the painting.  The girls gasped as I began to destroy this work of art.  But it was a great illustration on how sin slowly begins to damage the good news of Jesus and His love.  But to the girls relief I used a spray bottle, labeled the Holy Spirit, to rinse away the black paint to make it beautiful once again. What a great representation of how we can always come to God and ask for forgiveness no matter how far we stray.  He can make us clean once again.  

Get Joy