Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Teacher Gift

I wanted to do something really special for my co-worker this Christmas.  She is a pre-school teacher and I am her assistant.  We worked on a really fun art project with the students.  It had a fun Eric Carle theme.  I scooped up all the scraps and saved them for this little work of art. 

It is a mixed media of the kid's tempra painted scraps and acrylics. The texture every where in this art is so fun.  I think the tree is a wonderful symbol of a child's growth in school and life in Christ.  The colors on the tree are backwards on purpose, because it is by Christ blood alone that we can have life.  What a HOPE!!!

Puppy Love

I did this piece for a friend at church this Christmas.  I just needed to paint and this is what I had to do...LOL.  Anyway, it was fun canvas to paint.  I used acrylics and some strange tools to create some fun texture.  Tools like my pick that I use for my hair, my antacid pill bottle, and my sons legos. Oh... and by the way this little guy has a perfect name, Oscar.