Monday, November 12, 2012

It Is A Surprise....Shhhhhhhhh!

 I started a project today!  I was pretty excited about it.  It is a house warming gift for a dear friend.  She just moved and I wanted to draw a picture of her old house of 40 years as a special memory to have in her new home.  I am pretty happy with the results. 

 I am loving my new pencils.  They are pretty awesome to work with.  

 And here is the finished product.  I plan on giving her this on Saturday.  So, if by chance you know who this is for...keep it a secret please.  LOL
 This is a great gift idea for the holidays or for someone who is moving.  It is also a great for realtor who would like to give their clients a special "Thank You" gift.  My parents realtor did this for them and they loved taking a little memory of their old home with them to their new home.  

Check out my tabs above for ordering and pricing today!  

I have another special project I am starting tomorrow.  Stop by again and check it out.

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